Over the years, blogging have become from hobby to business platform and more and more people started seeing the benefits in blogging and youtubing. As more people starting to pursue their career as a bloggers or youtubers, there's been a circulating information about rules in blogging. If you search on Pinterest on how to be a blogger for newbie, there's tons information of rules and guideline.

If you come here in hoping to read some of the rules that I've found over the years, sorry to break it out to you. But this is not that kind of a post. Yesterday, whilst I was scrolling on my Twitter, I came across this tweet:

And yes, I totally 100% agree with her. As much as I love blogging, all these rules just suck out most of my energy just because as a newbie, you want to be fit in or you want people to notice your work.

Here's something what I want to share with all of you, not only bloggers, but to all professions:

I remember started blogging at the age of around 9 or 10 years old. I would sneak out after school to go cyber cafe and I would write few blog post whilst others playing games. I remember vividly that I would post up to 3 blogposts a day and I'm not worried about if people would want to read 'em or not. All I know is that blogging is a platform created and is giving chances to people who love to write, to express themselves in anyway that they want it to be.

Over the years we've been blinded by people's lifestyle on social media and that portrays nothing. We posted what we want to post but that one picture doesn't represent our self in a whole. One person might have hundreds and thousands of followers and interaction with their followers like an idol or ikon but one thing you need to remember, world is not a wish granting factory. You don't always get what you want. You will always feels like its not enough for you when you already have everything you ever need in the entire life.

Up until now, I found 2 most important rules that I begin to apply to myself and this is the reason why:


You don't need to have a marble flatlay or an expensive camera for blurry background effects and blogging its not about getting stuff for free or being sponsored. You don't have to have a theme for your Instagram or perfect pose. You don't have to spend or invest in blogging. The only thing that you need to invest is your passion. If you want to write, then write. If you want to criticize, then do it. If you want say something, say. No one is ever going to stop you. Don't worry about not having amazing photo to go with your amazing post that you've spent hours writing on it. Don't worry if one of your post is not fit with your niche. Don't worry about all that. 

Why do you thing Zoella or Meredith Foster or Pointlessblog Alfie Deyes or Tanya Burr or even KKandBabyJ is an ikon of successful teen? Because they do what they love. Keren from KKandBabyJ started her channel because she wanted to share about being a teen parent. She documented her pregnancy with Jackson and now here they are with 600K subscribers. Zoella started recording herself at age 9 or 10 and pretending to talk to a camera about her packing for camping. Meredith Foster started her video recording from her laptop.

They started blogging without expensive tools and because of their passion of making videos lead them to where they are today.

So start to do what you are passionate about. Break the rules and follow what your heart says.

2. Don't worry about numbers. JUST BE PATIENT & PASSIONATE

Numbers is huge deal to everyone even I got sucked up with numbers and honestly, I was demotivated over the past few weeks because of numbers and the rules set up. We are living in a billions billions billions of people in this world. Don't worry if your friend next door doesn't support your blog or what you do because there will be people from other states or even country that may have the same idea as you but doesn't have the opportunity or strength to express themselves and because of what you do, you inspire them and they love you for that.

Don't be demotivated with numbers. Zoella took about 7 to 8 years to be where she is today. Same goes to other bloggers and youtubers. This career is not a one night success. If you want to turn this into your career because you think its easy and fun and makes a lot of money. Let me tell you one thing, writting a blogpost is not easy, making a youtube video is not easy. Do you know how much time people spent in every blogpost or even editing their youtube videos?

But if you're patient enough and passionate enough, all your hardwork will pay off. Don't worry about being fame. The only one thing that you need to be worry about is being original, being true to yourself and write what reflects you. You don't have to be other people for numbers. You don't have to act or write differently because of numbers.

Its okay if you don't like beauty related post because there's tons of people out there who don't like beauty related post. All you need is time for them to find you. Don't put pressure on yourself for not having giveaways to your readers or mini meet ups. Just be yourself. Trust yourself. Be who you are want to be and go for it.

Success is belong to people who are passionate about what they do and I know there's tons of people who are passionate about they are doing and sometimes it felt like you are not good enough to take on the world. Trust yourself and know that one day you will be where you need to be.

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