I'm sorry for those who saw the unfinished post to this but here I am again, trying to steal some time off my work to write a blogpost. Not sure if I'm going to post it as soon as I'm finish but I hope I will.

Before you continue reading, I have been wanting to switch language and I'm not sure how because honestly most of my readers are from UK, US, Canada etc etc. I'm still weighing my choice but I really want to show and portray my real me and by writing in English, I don't really feel like it. Get it? No? Yes? Its okay. We'll let the time decide.

Hair care is an essential steps to all women that I personally like to take it slow and work with my hair. I don't own many hair care product like other youtubers or bloggers but I am taking an extra step. Personally, those who seen me without hijab, they loooooooove my hair! I have been doing this research for about a year-- going into youtube and read some beauty bloggers and I have take everything into account and create my own which I'm pretty happy with the result.

Considering that I wear hijab, hair care routines is as important as my skin care routine. I have pretty oily hair and I do have scalp problem since I was a baby to my choice of shampoo varies throughout the process. It does't matter what shampoo or product you use, you can incorporate that with what your hair really need.

1. Brush hair before shower // Meredith Foster: One thing that I learn from her routine videos is that she comb her hair with her beloved tangle teezer before washing them. This is to release any knot in your hair and water are able to seep in and reach to your roots.

2. Double washing // Maria Johnson: She uses double washing techniques, I guess most saloon does this and I have tried this technique. I 100% encourage everyone, men or women to try this technique. I mean its self explanatory like how you do double cleansing. This is how she does it-- she will wash her hair with shampoo to get any debris, oil or foreign stuff in the hair and wash it off. She will then wash it again as in to properly lather the shampoo onto her hair and massage her scalp using her fingers. Wash it off again and continue with conditioner.

3. Oil or serum  // Niomi Smart: In one of her routine videos, Niomi stated that one of her secret to have a healthy hair is to use an any desired oil - morrocan oil, argan oil or any other hair oil when your hair 50% damp. Dry your hair with with a towel and once its 50% dry, apply oil at the end of  your hair. This will reduce split ends and your hair will grow stronger.

5. Avoid heat // Niomi Smart: The reason between Niomi great/nice hair is because she never.. I mean she might have you heat on her hair but the best way to take a good care of your hair is to avoid using heat. If she need some curls, she will put into braid the night before and sleep with it and wake up with a pretty decent wave or curls as you called it.

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