Me, My Purdah & My Journey

Alhamdulillah, dah 2 years since I make the decision untuk pakai purdah. Honestly, it was the biggest decision in my life untuk pakai purdah sebab my background and what and who I am during that period of time sangat tak memberangsangkan.


I started to fall in love with purdah since sekolah menengah. During that time, one of my senior pakai purdah and I fall in love with her appearance. Walaupun dia pakai semua hitam tapi MashaAllah, she is so beautiful. Daripada Form 4, I start to learn on how to wear, how to eat and all those related to purdah.
Alhamdulillah, on my 20th birthday, Allah panggil untuk perform Umrah and during dekat Mekah, I remember how I want to buy a purdah so bad and I bought one. The first time I put the purdah on, there's no word to describe the feeling. Walaupun purdah hitam tapi sejuknya Allah yang tahu. Since then I never leave my purdah behind. Its my best friend, my life.


Well, honestly, I still do wear makeup. I still buy bunch of makeup products and people often question me.. Why?
You see.. I don't wear make up to show my blinding highlighter. I don't wear make up to show (as to what orang selalu katakan.. pakai makeup mesti nak menunjuk.. pfft!). I wear make up untuk my own confident booster. I don't have a nice skin, I have imperfections, I have blemishes and makeup help to concealed and make me look a lil pretty. sikit je la. tak banyak pun. haha

Currently the only makeup product that I use is Maybelline FitMe Matte Poreless compact powder in shade 222 True Beige. On certain occasion, of course I will melaram! Blinding highlighter, nude or red lips, mascara, brows, eye shadows yada yada yada.. but still, purdah is still on. That's just how I like it.


Allah. When it come to dugaan, I have gone through a lot and still going through. Pandangan orang towards yang pakai purdah ni mostly more leaning kepada yang pakai purdah kena lemah lembut, mostly jenis passive but I break the stereotype by being who I am. Some of them boleh terima and some of them just can't. I'm sorry that I can't be how society portrays me to be.
There's time bila ade orang soal, "pakai purdah sebab trend ke?". The good thing about this is, I don't care. Well, melenting tu harus lah. Darah muda kan tapi bila dah lama lama. Its my life. I have the right to do what I want to do.
There's a lot of rude people out there. If any of you reading this and alhamdulillah dapat hidayah untuk pakai purdah. I say, go for it! You never know what a piece of kain can do to you.

I have to say, dugaan pakai tudung, dugaan pakai tudung labuh, dugaan pakai purdah sangat lah berbeza. Serupa dengan dugaan bercinta, tunang and kahwin. Dugaan yang sangat berbeza. Cumanya kuat atau tidak tapi one thing I want to share is, kebergantungan kita dengan Allah. percaya. Put your trust in Him, in sha Allah everything will be okay.


Ade certain people yang akan terasa bila pakai purdah sebab kena pakai jubah je. haha. Don't worry. When you pakai purdah, tak perlu pakai jubah pun. Any loose outfit dah memadai. Concept tutup aurat ni mudah je. Pakai yang longgar, tutup mana yang patut di tutup, kalau jalan.. jangan nampak bentuk badan (because current fashion ade banyak baju or seluar yang flowy tapi ikut alunan badan bila kita bergerak. That's a total no no!)

Alhamdulillah after 2 years of wearing purdah, I can finally say that whenever I go out without purdah (atas sebab tertentu; kerja or gathering with family) I really do miss covering my face. Even before, when I was a kid, I never tell anyone especially strangers what my real name is. I always like to keep myself, my true identity hidden from the world.

Be a #GirlBoss!
Sophianeve. x

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