Assalamualaikum, love! 

Well, Ramadhan is way over.. Syawal is almost over and here I am, back on track getting even busier than ever. Busyness is not suppose to kick in until next semester but hey, someone decided to bring our event project forward. But then again, why am I not surprise? *cries*

Life update: 

I am currently busy with project task and stuff but I've made up my mind that I want to blog and I will find time to blog as well. Now, if you have been here long enough, I don't really.. wait no.. you know that I always.. ALWAYS take time off with blogging because honestly speaking, my plate is full!

I'm currently juggling uni assignment, event project, 2 other events; one is pending and one will be this Thursday, mock meeting. I don't think that I will be going home as much as I plan I would. No more dating, no social life and of course no more spending money on unnecessary item because I really need a holiday when all of this finish.  


Yes, blogging is a way that I could flush out my stress and sit on my bed or anywhere with plug point, stick my earphones in and Spotify is there with my favourite playlist to get me into the mood to just write. 
I have been planning few blogpost and I starting writing few of 'em that is all lifestyle basis. So far, I'm pretty proud of myself but I don't want to give credit yet. My life might just take a upside down turn and I'll never know. 


I am currently.. CONSTANTLY on my phone, on Pinterest looking for a way to start a quick and healthy morning routine or just a general routine that include self-care on a busy day which is my typical everyday including weekend. *sigh*

I have been making few boards including minimalism routines and my personal development and some other makeover board. Haha.

I'm currently searching stuff to makeover my bedroom to that's why. Suggest me some idea on how to make my small room lively and doesn't feel like a room but more like a personal space that people can actually come in and lay around..

In the next few blogpost, I will update on how minimalism lifestyle affect on my everyday lifestyle. I would say, for now, it have been positive and I have been waking up to full energy to take on the world! 

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