Hello my dear people. How are you doing today? Before going into the post, I'd like to apologies if any of this is actually making you hungry. So make sure to pause reading this and grab some snacks because this is too mouth watering for you to look at ;) 

Alrightyyyy. Even Malaysia is just a small country, I've never been to Perak before. I mean its only 2 and half hours, why I didn't been to Perak before? I don't know but I glad I did because IPOH have the most amazing chinese food that you can find.  

Before that, Ipoh is the capital of Perak province. Just a lil note if some of you are wondering. Ipoh is famous for 'Ipoh White Coffee' and all of the chinese cuisines. Let put this way, Malaysia is a TRULY ASIA for having tons of food (Malaysia is always about food) and we have from Malay cuisines to Chinese to Indian, Indonesian, Thailand, Korean, Japanese cuisines. You name it! We have it all. For example, Laksa. There's various version of Laksa in Malaysia. We have Laksa Penang, Laksa Johor, Laksa Kedah, Laksa Sarawak. Each province take that food and improvised them into their liking. That's how one food have variety of choice. 

Moving on to Ipoh, Perak. We have to Perak because my father wanted to meet his best friend and his best friend is all about food. Hands down! He cooks the best crab curry in the world. 

As for breakfast, he took us to a authenthic Chinese (HALAL) restaurant by the road side and let me tell you this. It was only 9 AM but its full house. we have to wait for about 5-10 minutes to get a table. If people like it that much then I'm digging in! 

Also, I don't really eat this much but for the sake of good food.. I'm in. 

First meal is fried yong tau fu, its a Hakka Chinese cuisine consisting primarily of tofu filled with ground meat mixture or fish paste. Yong tau foo is eaten in numerous ways, either dry with a sauce or served as a soup dish. There's variety to choose from, so I go with the classing wantons and few other fried stuff. 

When you come to Ipoh, coffee is a must! 

Second dish is Chee Cheung Fun or known as the rice noodle roll. This dish is from Cantonese Chinese from Hong Kong that always served with Dim Sum but this time.. there's an old lady about 60-ish years old, making fresh Chee Cheung Fun. This dish is served with soy sauce and dried shrimp sambal (but I'm not positive about the sambal) and top with some sesame seed. 

My favourite part about Chee Cheung Fun is because its have filling inside it. Its either prawn, pork, beef or vegetable. The originally name Chee Cheung Fun is define as Chee Cheung is pork and fun is means noodles. 

But most of the Chee Cheung Fun is mostly prawn which is my favourite but if you go an authentic non-halal chinese shop, you'd probably find pork filling.  

Third dish for my breakfast is Char Kuey Tiow. When my father was a little boy, he loved eating Char Kuey Tiow which now everyone in my family loves it! But there's 2 types of char kuey tiow in Malaysia, the dried fried kuey tiow or the watery ones which is Penang Char Kuey Tiow. 
Each people have different taste bud but for me, I prefer the chinese style char kuey tiow. 

Last but not least, is MEE KARI (curry mee). Kari Mee is influences of Chinese and Indian. Usually  made up of yellow egg noodle and the curry is made on sambal, coconut milk with fish ball, tofu, prawns and other seafood of your choice. As you can see, its almost finish because its perfectly done and I forgot to take picture when it arrive. haha. Im sorry!

What's your favourite food?


  1. This all sounds incredible!!! I don't know much about Chinese and Malaysian food but what a way to start the day! And your photos are stunning too 😊

    1. Thank you. Chinese food is the best!

  2. This all looks incredible!!! I love Malaysian food too, if only it was in Liverpool haha!!

    1. That's great! What's your favourite food? I hope someday you could come to Malaysia and I'd be happy to show you around. xx

  3. Oh this looks so good! I need this in my life, right now!

    1. Oh yes you do, Marc! This was made to perfection.

  4. The food looks amazing! I like a Chinese style chicken curry or a chicken tikka

    Tasha x

    1. In Malaysia we have different ways to make curry. I love the Indian version more, its just so thick and full of flavors. but glad you like 'em xx

  5. This looks delicious!

    Steph xx

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  6. This all looks absolutely amazing and everything sounds so delicious x

    Kayleigh Zara