I think its time to admit that as much as we are portraying a good-perfect-tumblr-life, we all have a bad habits that we need to break. I didn't plan to write this post and it was just in mind head saying that I need to start something new, I need to do something to break this bad habit. I mean, have you even realize that we're already in April and I'm just about to start breaking bad habits. 

Although its not in my New Years Resolution but I'm definitely giving it a go!

1. STOP skipping breakfast.

I hate to stay this but yes, I always skip breakfast and its not good for the body. We all acknowledge that breakfast is the important meal of the day and you need to supply energy. I know some people would go ~ oh don't worry I'm fine and by the end of the day, you'll be dog tired. 

The reason I'm always skipping breakfast is because I was running late especially on 8am classes. Even though I have small packet of biscuits, by the time I reach my class, I don't even bother to eat any of them until its lunch time and most of the time my lunch will be at 3pm because that's when I'm. Imagine how long my stomach been empty. Definitely not healthy at all and could lead to gastric. 

2. WAKING UP before sunrise.

Because I can't afford to skip breakfast, I need to wake up before sunrise. I usually do wake up before sun rise for Fajr Prayer but I always go back to sleep and feeling so dreaded and hating myself every morning for going to bed very late. 

Personally, I think I've done a good job on waking up early. Most days I would wake up around 8 am feeling fresh and good and I could take on the world. On some other days which are exceptional for getting up early, the latest that my body want to lie in bed is until 11 am, which is good. I see some progress. Because I'm owl, its a dedication to wake up early before sunrise. every. single. morning. 


March have been a very hectic month for me as I got test, meetings, exams, presentation, volunteering events and you know.. basic uni life. April would be worst. At this point, I could say that I can't multitask as I thought I could be. I mean, I could multi task if its within their category but juggling between uni life and blogging is way to hard for me. 

As a blogger, you would understand this that no one else could. I treat blogging as my job and take it very seriously but prioritizing uni life and blogging would just blow my head off. In April, I will try, as hard as a human possible could, to be stay on top of my hectic schedule get a post up on every Sunday, 9PM GMT +8. 

That's my goal. I'm going to work hard, keep track of my blogging and studies at the same time and do what ever it takes to please my reader. 

But, HOW? 

Now, that's a very good question. People keep saying what they want to do but not all of them know what route to choose in order for them to get there. As I've been searching for.. you know.. ways of breaking the habits. I came across the 21 days of breaking habits. 

There's a behavioral scientist said that we need about 21 days to make or break the habit. In this 30 days of April, I am dedicating myself to break my 3 bad habits in order to leave a peaceful, healthy lifestyle because trust me.. my life is a mess right now. 


What habit do you want to break this April?


  1. These are things I've been tying to do lately especially the first which is wasting breakfast, normally I always feel to sick to stomach breakfast but I've managed it the last ten days so far! X

  2. I'm very guilty for skipping breakfast! I usually think nothing of it but I'll definitely try & get rid of this bad habit and eat a banana or something before I go out to seize the day!

    Excellent post!

    Charlene McElhinney

  3. I'm a terrible breakfast skipper! This month I'm all about breaking my unorganised self and so far I'm doing well!

    Tasha x

  4. I love your ideas for this month! I'm such a morning person and wake up starving for breakfast everyday. It does mean I'm falling asleep at 11pm though... it really suits me overall, though. Good luck!

    Lisa |

  5. This is a great blogpost idea! Sometimes I skip breakfast and it is such a bad habit! Thank you for sharing this :)

  6. I love breakfasts but sometimes I don't have time for them too. I need to make it a habit to wake up in the early mornings each time. xo

  7. I always make sure I have breakfast :) Great goals :)

    Steph xx

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