Hello everyone, welcome back to another blogpost. GOSH! I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT IT'S BEEN 3 WEEKS SINCE MY LAST BLOG POST WENT UP. I mean like.. *calm yourself down. breathe in.. breathe out.. okay, speak..*

I know I've said that if you need to take a day off, then you should BUT NOT 3 WEEK OFF! I went off way too long from blogging, twitter, instagram and .. I mean.. I made a promise to myself the moment I got my domain that I want to fully focus on my blogging but girl.. "She really need to sort her priorities!"

but worry not, I'm back and I'm make sure that I'm back for sure! Actually, I have so many things planned in my head that I want to say but.. nothing came out.. and I'm struggling to even construct a sentence.

The only thing that I have in my head that I really want to spit it out is that I'm actually kinda pissed off and tired of how people change the blogging trend from sharing what you want to having a niche and having to stick to your niche, having the specific time and date. If you want to take your blog to the next level and turning it into business, then I'm totally fine with it but having all this "newbie blogger tips" is just too much. I remember how I started blogging in 2009 and how people share anything and everything that they desire and everyone is so happy about it but now, even taking a good photo is stressing people up.. so yeah.. it is what it is.

So now, let's get into WHAT'S GOING ON WITH MY LIFE?

For most university that have Culinary Art courses, one of the subject will be Restaurant Operation or Operation Management. This is when they'll learn on how to serve guest in a fine dining environment. I've been to few fine dining before and I like it. Because this semester, I have Protocol and Ethics class, we are welcome to joined ASIATIQUE Fine Dining Restaurant. For the price that I paid, I became very particular with how they serve, how they treat us and most importantly, how the food actually taste..

Savoury Puff with Local Kerabu
Curried Pumpkin Volute with Melba Toast
Main Course: 
Roasted Butter Chicken or Fish Fillet Asam Pedas with Ulam Rice
Brocoli, Carrot & Tomato
Banan & Donut Lollipop with Chocolate Genache & Strawberry Jelly
Minty Limenade

Overall, I do love it although there's slight issue with my food and I didn't have Curried Pumpkin because I don't like pumpkin and I don't eat pumpkin as much as everybody else does. Our waiter was quite nervous and I'm glad that she did really good job in serving us. Pat on your shoulder, girl!

Now, this is something that I really want to share with everyone. For the past few weeks, I've been obsess with Korean drama and Kpop and I really love ramen. First of all, I never try this recipe and its just "follow your guts" kinda recipe but it turn out to be really amazing and a bit spicy which really satisfy my cravings. 

The reason I make this was because I love the idea of budae jjigae of mixing western sausage, ham, mushroom, noodles, with gochujang (fermented chilli paste) and ghocugaru (chilli flakes). I took the same idea and use Curry Flavour ramen, pepper, chilli flakes and one egg. Cook em in a pot like how you normally cook ramen. Once it cook, place your ramen into a bowl and add cheddar cheese and some parsley flakes. The cheese will melt and that's when the magic happens. Writing this makes my mouth waters so bad! 

So yeah.. I really want everyone to try it out. I know this is just a normal recipe but if you never tried this, you are losing part of the amazing food in this world. I promise!

You might be thinking, how the hell did I get so obsess with Kdrama and Kpop. This is the reason why. Him. YOOK SUNG JAE. Well, that's the secondary reason. 

But the first reason was because of a girl that have the same name as me who are 110% obsess with Kpop (she's a Starlight; VIXX fandom) like you don't get her started or she'll go lecturing about the history of Kdrama and Kpop and why this why that. (SERIOUSLY!!)
Her name is Sofea Balqis and her being obsess with Kpop is crazy but what's more crazy is that she look like a Korean (but no, she's not mixed blood if you're wondering).

People said, don't judge a book by the cover but then why do people judge music by its language - Sofea Balqis

 When someone said, "pfftt, you into Kpop just because of their face not because of their music" and she'll reply, "Yeah.. that's why I bought their album because I wanna listen to their face" 

LIKE THIS IS LEGIT HER WORDS AND THIS IS HOW SHE REACTS IF SOMEONE "PFFTT" HER FOR LIKING KPOP. So if any of you reading this and thinking about commenting about her obsession.. Don't even go there cause .. you'll never know what you put yourself into.

Okay now, back to Yook Sung Jae:
 Have you ever had a second-lead syndrome (that's what they call when you go crazy with the second lead instead of the main character)? I started having this "second-lead syndrome" from watching School 2015 - Who Are You. If you ask any Kdrama lovers, they'll definitely, 100%, for sure recommend you to watch that movie because its sooooooooooooo cute but the ending was.. I wish it was the other way round.. that's the only thing that I can say..

Last year, Goblin was on the top chart of Kdrama list and everyone love it. Its been months and I still can't get this drama out of my head because Sung Jae is being himself and he's so cute and he makes everything perfect.. as if like without him, the story line isn't as great as how it turn out to be.

I know, some people who read this would probably go.. "he's not handsome" or "doesn't look manly" or "hmm, he look like a boy"
HEY! stop right there. Lemme have my moment with him. okay?

When there's Sungjae, there's BtoB (Born To Beat). Sung Jae is classified as an idol because he's in a Kpop boyband (doesn't include instruments, only singing and choreography) from Cube Entertainment and also an actor. Talking about BtoB, they also have a comeback (not really a comeback but releasing another mini album) of their 10th mini album, Feel'eM and say no more! 


If you like ballad genre, then you'll probably like it but it really depends on a person liking. Movie MV is amazing and poor Sung Jae who get beaten up and bomb strapped around his body but its so catchy that you want to hit the replay button over and over again. 

Feel'eM mini album track:
Just Say It
About Time
Rock & HipHop

So yeah.. that's what I've been up to for the whole month. Of course, there's more but I'll probably write Part 2 because I really want this post to go up and I really hope that you like because its killing me so bad!

Wish me luck. xoxo


  1. Glad to see you're back and looking forward to more posts!

    Tasha x


    1. Hey. Thanks for dropping by. It really make my day :)

  2. I love the look of this recipe! I'm also looking for new things to cook and I can't wait to see more of your posts!

    1. Hi Flora! Welcome to my little space. I'm currently working on few recipes but blog photos going to take ages. I hope I could get some of them up pretty soon. x

  3. The menu sounds so good! I'd love to try the dishes especially the roasted butter chicken.

    skinnydecxflatte.blogspot.com xo

    1. Roasted butter chicken is amazing! Everyone was enjoying themselves back then. x

  4. I love this blogpost and can't wait to read more of you. You write so well! And the food, omg. Hungry right now haha!


    1. Hey Marc! Welcome to my blog. I hope you have some snack with you ;)

  5. Don't worry we all go through blogging "dry spells" when life gets busy but I'm glad your back and rearing to go! And the food looks really good!! :)


    1. Hey Chantell! Its frustrating when you have things to do but uni work just get into the way but I'm glad that everything is over and I'm back with more post to go ;)

  6. Sometimes having a break can be just what you need! Glad to see you back and can't wait to see what content you make! X

    1. Hey Kayleigh. I can't tell you how much I missed blogging. Definitely need to work on with some great post. x

  7. Sounds like a great menu! Lots of tasty options!