Hello my dear, my lovely readers. 

If you've noticed, I actually took a few days off because I felt like I need it (never question why you need a break, if you need one, just bloody get one!). Whilst I was out and about doing some random stuff, I came by a rather old song. When I say old, its about 9 years ago when this group or band debut. But going back to 9 years ago, I was 13 years old when I was in love with this song and this was the time where Gothic came into trend which.. I was a part of that trend too. Hahaha.. I find it funny but oh my.. it was the best year, the best time of my life. If I had to choose any time to go back too, I'd probably go back to this moment.

For some people who might forget who is Within Temptation, they are the Dutch symphonic metal band since 1995. They always have been classified as a Gothic metal, although the Gothic influence varies from one album to another.

We all have this one song that will stick in your head forever and mine would be "Memories" and this song is mainly about memories of her love's one. Its very unfortunate for a person to seen death but that's what life is and when we missed them so bad, memories are the one will keep us near and it 
feels like memories are the only thing that keep us going and keeping us alive. 

For a high note song, even I find it hard to hit the notes but again, there's always amazing talents out there that manage to do a cover and still sound great. Among all of the covers, Minniva Official is my favorite and its just brilliant to witness an amazing talent.

Within Temptation - Memories (The Silent Force) (Cover by Minniva)

Memories (Within Temptation) Cover

Memories - Within Temptation (COVER by Rehn & TheUnknownWords)

"Memories" Within Temptation Cover Live in Studio by Destini Beard

Within Temptation - Memories - Piano Cover Instrumental


  1. I've heard of the band before. Stoked to check out the covers!

    1. Within Tempation was famous before with Evanescence. I hope you like it ;)

  2. I love within temptation never heard any covers of their music though, I'll check them out

    Tasha x

    1. Within Temptation is my life when I was 13. I hope you like 'em ;)

  3. Must check these out now! Love discovering new artists!

    Charlene McElhinney