Although I do find its hard to boost my mood especially when it comes to Monday's Blue. We all can relate on how dreadful it is to wake up early in the morning every Monday, struggling to get our butt off the bed and get ready to head out the door. Sometimes, hitting the snooze button and extra 5 minutes sleep just couldn't help the situation. I know that everyone wishes that Monday never existed. 

Believe it or not, recently, I have been loving Monday. Although its a love-hate relationship but to me Monday is the day where I could start all over again, be a new me and continue to take on the world. So, here's my easiest tips on how to boost your mood, especially on Monday morning. 

1. Create an environment
Environment is what set us our mood the best. It could be lighting up the candles, set up a clean space, open all the curtains and have lights coming in and many more. My best environment set up is to have a clean space. Start of my making my bed, doing laundry, tidy and keep everything into places (but well, sometimes procrastination takes into place). So yeah.. create an environment. Oh, music really helps too. 

2. Good food for breakfast
Food makes people happy, therefore if I need something to boost my mood, it would be to eat healthy. Get a banana as you know banana have something to do with releases happy hormon or prepare a midnight oats for your breakfast. This really helps me because you can't start a productive day with an empty stomach.

3. Yoga
I'm not a yoga expertise but I love love love to do some stretches but if I have time, I would like to do a simple yoga (which time is something I don't have at the moment). Basically now, in my 2017, I do yoga just to relax my muscles before bed I find it super good to get a good night sleep. 

4. Music
Music is a great timer if you need to be quick or you need to do something with a time manner. I do find it useful especially when I'm doing makeup so that I don't spent to much time on makeup have almost no time for other stuff before head out the door. 
Also, music is a great way to start your day. I mean, girl, no body need no music. 

5. Tea
If you're a tea lover, you'll agree with me on this. Tea is just lovely but having the time to actually let your body relax and have a sip of your most favourite tea is way amaaazing!
Currently, I've been loving Lemongrass tea, green tea and matcha tea but a classic tea would do the trick. There's something about tea that makes you relax and drift you away from yesterday's stress, its just makes me feel so energized and happy to kick off the day. 

6. Pray
Last but not least is to pray. We have many religion on this earth and each religion have their own way of praying. As a Muslim, we pray 5 times per day and there are other prayers that you can add such as Solat Tahajud, Solat Hajat, Sujud Syukur, Solat Dhuha and many more. I know some people might not believe it and they try to look into scientific perspective to make them understand the significance of praying on a human. Well, Allah have made it in such way that the movement of praying right from standing for prayers to bowing to prostration have to do with the human body and blood flow and recharging the human body. 

In a scientific point of view, our prayer is part of yoga movement and there is more benefits that you could ever imagine in the pattern of solat. If you want to know more, there's tons of information about benefits in Muslim's prayer and I attach a link for your beneficial reading: http://www.islamicity.com/forum/printer_friendly_posts.asp?TID=14204


  1. Definitely going to give the yoga a try before bed! Brilliant post. Lots cool ideas and things for everyone to incorporate into their lives!

    Aliyah x

    1. Pinterest have tons of yoga for beginner. I always have in mind about how simple and amazing yoga is but boy, my body is aching so much right now! x

  2. I really want to give yoga a try! It sounds so relaxing and a great way to exercise, I also enjoy tea to x

    1. Yoga & tea is great combination to de stress and it feels amazing!

  3. Thanks for sharing these tips! I definitely need ways to get out of bed on Mondays x

    Skinnydecxflatte.blogspot.com xo

  4. Some great tips here to boost your mood.

    Thanks for sharing
    Steph xx

    Steph's World | Lifestyle Blog | www.stephsworld.com

  5. I love listening to music to boost my mood, I put on old songs from back in school like busted, avril lavigne or p!nk

    Tasha x


    1. Listening to Avril take me down to memory lane. x

  6. Great tips, I agree with these! Listening to music definitely does make me feel happier!

  7. Yoga and music always help boost my mood! It also depends on what I listen to because the slow songs just make me more relaxed and chill. I would have never thought to pray but it's whatever works right? (:

    Single Vegas Girl

    1. Praying its a form of meditation. Its pretty exciting to learn about praying. I do get fascinated by that praying offer more that just reciting certain verse from Al-Quran.

      but any form of meditation would works. Its just the matter of finding one that suites you the best ;) x