Embracing Life by Charlie St Cloud

Assalamualaikum, Hey everybody. I'm back! It's been really long time since I sat behind my laptop to ramble on something. I was busy for the couple of weeks with my submission weeks and final exam. I can say that I slay about just nice for this semester. It was hard but we did it! Pat on my shoulder.

Now that I'm back, I'd like to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my readers and hoping that I wasn't too late..

While I'm writing this, I'm currently watching Charlie St Cloud and I felt like this film just give me something that I'd like to talk about..

As everyone going into 2K17 and feeling good about being someone new or just to start fresh after going through a tough year. I mean, I admit that 2016 was really tough even for me but I'm sure that we'll strive better this year!

There's time where we felt that all of our hard work will never paid off, even if its paid off we're not going to be as happy as we thought we were because of something else happening in our live. Well, that is basically what life is, world is not a wish granting factory. A year ago, I started blogging because I wanted too. I was inspired by Zoella, Tanya Burr, Poppy Deyes, Kate Murmane and many other bloggers and youtubers out there. At first, I wasn't very sure why I started but the one thing that I know is that I wanted to be like Zoe or Tanya or Niomi.

As time goes by, I begin to understand why I started blogging and it begin to be a commitment rather than just for fun. After a year of blogging, I realize something within me. I've become more self-centered, I have my self-esteem and every single day I wake up, feeling really good about my life.

But a time, fame isn't really everything. I mean, some people are living their goals life and everything seems to be perfect but life aren't made to be perfect. The Sacconejoly's been trolling like crazy! I mean what the heck, people?

Whilst I was watching Charlie St Cloud, I came across Florio who is a paramedic that save Charlie from the accident. When Florio died, he gave Charlie his St Jude medal and encourages Charlie to embrace life. There's nothing lost causes in this world. The more you do, the more you gain.

I would say, for the past years, I've never set any target but mostly going based on my ability and never rush it through and that would be the best experience because I'm are going at my own pace and to create my own opportunity without worrying about drowning with all my other commitments.
I love working at my own pace because I know how much I could go with myself. Most often, people like to compare themselves to other's achievement but for me there's always more than comparing yourself because that's when you can get super demotivated, anxiety and all the crap feelings.

So yeah, that would probably conclude my New Years Resolutions-- embrace life, work at my own pace and create my own opportunity. That was a long long write up. Imagine if I'm vlogging, it might ended up to 20 to 30 minutes video of rambling about resolutions.

I'll talk to you later. bye!

xx, Sofea

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