BELIEVE IT OR NOT, Malaysia have started to sell foundation with only ONE shades. Yep, terrifying. Remember those clear lipgloss that will follow your blood color? It’s the same technology applied in these foundation. Of course when you apply them its going to be way lighter than you shades but after a while it will blend based on your warmth.

I have purchased 2 brand; Touch CC Foundation (TCCF) and 1 Minute Miracle Foundation (1MMF). Both have the almost the same ingredient and benefits which both contains Vitamin E, SPF 15, Pearl Extract for glowing effects and both of them claim to be full coverage but they different in consistency, price and weight.

Touch CC Foundation (Pink) | 1 Minute Miracle Foundation (Black)

Touch CC Foundation have a kinda mousy texture while 1MMF is a cream textured. It took me quite a while to get use of these product and I’ve been using various ways to apply from brushes to sponges even using fingers and here’s what I thought..

They are fine but both of them have medium coverage. Touch CC is a bit greasy maybe because it contains moisturizing agent. If I’m going to use Touch CC, I would skip my skin care routine and jump straight to the Touch CC. From the texture, it feels so thick on that I just don’t feel comfortable using it. I will using Touch CC if I have any night occasion because 1. its expensive (cost me RM65) and 2. ITS VERY GREASY AND THE PEARL EFFECT MAKES IT WORST for daily usage.

On the other side, although 1MMF have 30% pearl extract but it still have subtle finish and not shining throughout the day. Texture wise, it doesn’t feel as thick.

Both are best applied by wet sponges, like beauty blender but any beauty sponge would do. I did try to apply using brushes but it leave streaky lines and it makes big mess.

Do I love it? I’m on 50/50.
Do I repurchase? No. I don’t think so. Other foundation have better coverage with value.

Do I recommend those product? If you have clear skin, then yes but if you have active acne and want to cover them, absolutely no but again, if you don’t mind your acne is showing and you want makeup that can heal your acne, probably yes.

love, Sofea

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