Assalamualaikum sweetie pie. WELCOME TO BLOGMAS DAY #4

On my Leisure and Tourism class, we have joined by a leisure and mountain climbers entrepreneur, MR SHAHEIR SABARUDDIN. His topic was From Passion to Profession which I think can and might be related to us as a bloggers. 

Before the class started, he ask each and every one of us about our hobby and ambition. The reason behind this is that.. whatever we do need to be align to ensure that our life is actually pack with the things that we wanted to do. But its okay if you have different hobby.. its just that when you have the same ambition as your hobby, you are actually on the right track on achieving what you believe in.

There's few point that I wanted to share with my readers that I think is important to apply on daily basis. Our life is short and we wantour life to fill with joy and happiness but unfornately sometimes we are not sure of what we want, therefore, this tips is important for all of us to take note.

1. Be sincere and honest
Literally.. even as a blogger, your honesty is the most important element. You don't have to sugar coat your content. If you hate it, tell them. If you love it, show them. Readers need to know what you think before they can evaluate their decision. When you have sincerity in doing that one thing, trust me.. you'll doing with all your heart and people with notice that. You don't need to tell them, they'll know.

2. Empowering human through adventure
Through adventure we get to know people not by appearance but by their soul. Different people act different ways and we need to understand that. In management term, empowerment can be classified as a management practice of sharing information, rewards, and power with employees so that they can take initiative and make decisions to solve problems and improve service and performance.

3. Focus in what you do and give full power.
Life is short and you want to make sure that your life is fill with the things that will lead to your dreams. If you want to be a blogger, start now and give your full energy to it. Same goes to other profession that you want to. Your full power will determine your place in the future. 

4. BIG WHY? 
Who is your big WHY? ? Why do you start doing what you're doing now? But the most important part in big WHY is yourself. Do something that you love because that will keep you going even when the whole world turn you down. 

5. Aspiration and Guidance 
Get aspired from anything and everything around you. even better, be an aspiration and guidance to other people. Its always better to give rather than to take. Give people more and you'll see the difference. 

6. Look from other perspective. 
Perspective is subjective. Different people have different thought and ideas about one particular thing. Looking from different perspective will open your mind and understand it even better. This does not only apply in blogging but also apply in daily life basis. Especially in our life, focusing in Malaysia. We have many races and many religion which sometimes can create an issue but if we understand and looking from different perspective, we could understand and accept their point of view and live in a harmonious way of life. 

love, Sofea

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