Assalamualaikum sweetie pie, WELCOME TO BLOGMAS #3 !

For the last couple of months, this is the look that I've been wearing almost everyday especially for going to classes or daily outing but if I want to go a lil bit futher, I'll add more.
For this look, I only use 6 item which is pretty simple and only focusing more face instead of other other part. 

Light to medium coverage and its only available in 2 shades which is nude miracle and ivory miracle. Although the color a very light for my skin but somehow its blendable with my skin color and it doesn't give like grey-ish tone. If you like dewy finish then this will be your favourite but if not, then you can keep on scrolling. 

This is twice shade lighter than my skin mostly focusing on my under eyes. Its in medium coverage but buildable but the one thing that I don't really like about this concealer is that you can feel the product.. like its so thick.. just sitting on your face and no matter how much you blend that in, is just feel so.. not so nice feeling.

  • PIXY UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Fit – natural beige

 This is from Indonesian product that uses Japan technology. Like I say before, because I have very sensitive skin, its not easy to find product that your skin like. this particular product contains squalane oil which rich in moisturizing and best its anti-aging. This also contain SPF15. 

  • Ever Belina Clear Mascara Gel

Nothing much about clear mascara gel but bought mine as Daiso and have been loving it for quite a long time. I like to keep my eyes simple and possibly to have no makeup-makeup look. Its not very long lasting and easy to wash but I like it..

 Chriszen is a famous Malaysian beauty brand that is particularly known for its roller moist cake and recently they came out with their brow product. Now.. I never use anything on my brow and never do anything about my brows. Its original and wild! I always like brow product that have 2 end because is just save your time and space which is my no #1 concern. I got mine in the shade latte, the lightest shade that they have and its easy to brush it out and blend. If you ask me, yes.. I would recommended especially for the first timer people who want to try out brow product and yes.. I would repurchase this product forever its in the market.
High moisturizer with sheer color tint will give out the effect of pink plumpy healthy lips. As much as people love product from Maybelline and Nivea, my favourite is from Mentholatum. 

This is my first makeup brush.. like proper makeup brush that I bought from Melbourne and its from Australian brand. Its short, cute, pack bristle and great for deliver the right amount of product and its bristle is so gentle. Next trip to Melbourne, I'll make sure that I purchase their makeup kit!

  • Eyelash curler is from MISS ROSE, owner of Chrizsen

love, Sofea

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