Assalamualaikum sweetie pie, how are you? I know I promise you about 12 days Blogmas and I’m truly sorry for now being able to keep up with the date. I just finish an annual faculty event that’s held for 1 week and most of my time have been focusing on the event that I couldn’t even slot one post per day. Imagine leaving house at 7am and be back at almost 3am every single day. Its just tiring. The last thing that I wanted to do is take a warm shower and get on by bed.

Alright, because I have been right on track now.. I want to focus back on my blogging routine and believe it or not, its been a year since I started blogging. 11 December 2015, on this day last year I started to blog mainly because I got inspired by Girl Online by Zoella and later on I saw Poppy Deyes launch her own blog as well.

Since I was a kid, I love reading blog and I do have my private-diary-blog. I like the idea of sharing and putting stuff on the internet that people can take and learn something from it.. maybe because of that, I get so into blogging and start my own..

My journey in a year wasn’t as good as other people but I’m truly happy that I reach a milestone of 1000 views on my blog. I know 1000 is a small number for others but for me, honestly guys.. do you read my blog? Do you read my content? And I’m so over the moon when a company from London actually contact me to do a review on their product.. like.. OH MY GOODNESS?!! DO YOU EVEN TRUST ME? I’m just an amateur blogger and people don’t even know autumnlatte? I was surprised. Totally.

For all my life, I never knew how big blogging community is and I never knew what blogging can offer to me on career basis. There is few famous bloggers in Malaysia but most of them use blogging as their hobby but when I saw bloggers from UK, they use blogging as a career and it open my mind so much about blogging.

I fall in love the idea of doing your job on your bed and having your time to just chill and do what you want. Most people blog because of the money but if you look deeper.. there’s so much more than just money.. In blogging, I get super self-centered and begin to understand that everyone have their own limit and pace. People have been judging and telling that you should this and that but in blogging you get to control anything and everything.

And after a year in blogging, I finally made up my mind that I wanted to focus on blogging more than anything in my life. Life is full with surprises, you never what you’ll get and I wonder where this path will lead me.. I’m hoping for the best, keep praying and stay strong!

love, Sofea

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