Hey readers! How are you doing? Its been a very busy week for me  and I haven't got a chance to write anything. Well well, for this week, I'll be talking you through about my daily skincare routine. Of course, I don't really have a proper regime and my skincare changes from time to time according to my skin needs.

Before we start, it is always good to check out what's your skin type and the sensitivity of your skin. This way you can figure out what's best of your skin. I have really oily skin, like really really oily skin and very sensitive as well. A slight changes in weather or environment can lead to acne. So far, I don't experience any genetics acne but often a hormanal acne during that period of the a month.

#1 Goats Milk soap
I bought this soap not long ago. Honestly, there's nothing written on the package but as far as I'm concern  is that the soap contains goats milk, collagen and vitamin E. Not really sure of its usage but it did good on my skin. Its noticable that my acne and most of my scaring is fading.. which is good. I'll be wetting my face with warm water and use the goats milk soap, also to give my face an extra cleansing, I'm using the yellow facial sponge and gently scrub my face in circular motion.

#2 Honey
We all know the greatness of honey. What I like to do is wash my face with warm water and apply a this layer of honey across my face. As we all know that honey contains antibacterial agent that's good for acne and for preventing acne. Honey is also known as a anti aging remidies that will leaves your skin smooth and nice like a baby skin. If you want extra glow, use it every morning to give a boost of moisturizer as well as a glowing effects for the rest of the day.

#3 Oatmeal
There's various way for you to use oats but I like to keep it simple. I'm using quacker oats and all I do is grind them up. Oats is good in treating acne and eczema. Because of anti inflammatory agent, oats can be use on every skin types eventho if you have very sensitive skin. On daily basis,  right after my honey mask, I like to pat some oatmeal mask on my face for about 10 minutes before removing it. It will leave my skin so soft and nice and reducing my acne as well.

#4 Bio Oil
People have been raving about bio oil so much that I guess everyone knows about it. Although some people aren't having nice experience with bio oil, but it work very well ufor my skin. If there's anything that can help to reduce my acne scaring, bio oil could be one of them. Amazing formula and quick absorbent. Also, a little goes a long way. I'm only using this to dot on certain part of my face.

#5 Black Seed Oil
Black seed oil is an underrated natural oil. As much as people raving about argan oil and other natural oil, cold pressed black seed oil contain lots of benefits and it can be used internal and external for good health and good skin. This is my second bottle from the company Az-Zahra and I've been loving it so much. Although I have oily skin but black seed oil helps to control my skin a lot more better.

#6 Pure Argan Oil
Last but not least is argan oil.  Honestly, I hate this oil so much because of its smell. It smells between nutty and vomit which.. oh my goodness! Its terrible! But its good for your skin.

You might be thinking, how much oil do I put on my face? Well, its not much actually. 1 drop of bio oil, 3 drops of black seed oil and half a pump of argan oil. Like we all used to say, a little goes a long way.

xx, Sofea

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