If a person ask to describe myself in one word, I would definitely go with WHITE LACES. THE reason behind 'white lace' is.. imagine a tan girl in white lace long modest lacey dress, it just compliment everything. It look beautiful inside out. Wearing white on a tan or darker skin is just as beautiful but with lacey material makes it even better. 

I remember when I was a kid, my grandmother always make a dress for me and one time she made a yellow long lacey dress with silk big bow behind. Among all of the dresses that she made, yellow lacey and silk bow is my favourite! If I could fit in that dress, I would be wearing it now. 

My favourite kind of wasting time is to go on pinterest and scroll down to hundreds of different style of laces. The range could be from wedding dresses, boho style, vintage, lingerie and the list go on and on and on. 

and for this post, I stock up few images from to show you how laces is never be an out dated style. I know some people would go for chiffon and other material but for me, laces is the best. Its look elegant, flowy, beautiful..

Laces can be used in many different styles. It can be use as a decor, wedding dresses. Its your imagination to use lace in to fit in your dream. I find that laces is most compliment with natural colors. 

So, its really doesn't matter if you're fair or tan because it will compliment to who's wearing it. I really can't wait to get my new room and start filling up with rose gold and white laces decor. ITS GONNA BE BEAUTIIIFUL! 

love, Pia


  1. I definitely agree. Laces never rounds out of style!

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    1. Hey beautiful. You're right. Laces compliments everything, in every season, in any occasion. Such a wonderful pieces.