Lately, I have been ditching my liquid foundation and going more on BB powder and ALL IN ONE powder. Like I legit went into Guardian & Watsons spending about 30 minutes looking for my shade and walking out the store with a smile like a kid who got a lollipop at a doctor visit.
All of this product come with a square sponge but I never use it. I mean, do any of you girls ever use the product? I would apply powder foundation the same way as I would apply any liquid foundation using my flat top brush. 

SILKYGIRL Hydra White 2-way foundation // MYR 25
By the packaging you'll know that is really crusty and I can't barely remember how many months did I have this in my make up but this is my first and I have been loving this so much! It claims to be a long-lasting hydration, matte finish, long wearing and its formulated for Asian skin. When I was younger, I wasn’t very sure about a ‘powder foundation’ until recently I applied like a foundation would do. Of course, it’s a powder, it does not really have a total coverage that you want but if you applied a full coverage concealer and swipe these all over your face.. it will be an amazing product! For an oily person like me, I am recommending this other people and also it have SPF 30.. This product is what it claim it to be and I’d give a 10/10.

I bought this for my mom as a mother’s day gift but unfortunately her skin doesn’t agree to a drugstore product and so she give it to me. With SPF 20, this claim to be cover perfection, even out skin tone, shine control, soft and natural finish. In coverage wise, very minimal coverage but it works perfectly fine with a full coverage concealer. Its really thin powder, amazing formula for everyday and long usage, doesn’t look cakey even on sweaty face but the one thing that im really concern is the minimal choice of shade. If I’m not mistaken, this come with 3 shade whereas the darker shade is still too light for me.. so, I might consider to repurchase this stuff.. for now, I love it.. I give 8/10

Can we take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this packaging is. I never come across this packaging before.. like ever. I know that Maybelline come out with a Clearsmooth with a pink packaging but this is gorge! Pink metal lid and black plastic on bottom, great combination. Even the cardboard packaging seems different.. I remember seeing this packaging with only in the shade Sand Beige.. the other shade have the pink packaging..

Going into the product itself, it claims to be a Oil-control, UV protection, long lasting with SPF 32.. Among all of this powder foundation, I have been loving this so much and if I’m going for an extra bit, this is what I’ve been reaching for. Pure Mineral concealer and Maybelline Clearsmooth AION make a perfect match but still, very minimal coverage, I can see my skin and acne spots peeking through. For a price that I pay for, I am loving every bits of this product. No cakey face, no excess product, easy to blend, easy to wear in NY times.

love, Pia

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