"You start to enjoy life more, when you say yes to things" - Zoella

I can say that these quote have impact in my life. This day last year, I remember how busy I am and how I don't have much time to spend for my own but this year I wanted to enjoy more within myself and create more memory as I go and so I did.

Now, I'm not a hiking person, I don't own any gears for hiking  but I do enjoy exploring the nature. I've been hiking on a mountain, somewhere in Cameron Highland and it was amazing and this time, I would like to do more. But, instead of mountain, I take a step back and go on to Broga Hill.

Basically, this is how it works in my University.. we divided our events into 4-quarter and each quarter have the specifics event that need to be done as a KPI for all of the officers and in the 3rd quarter, we decided that we wanted to go for a hike but focusing more on the beginners and soon we would like to step up our hiking game to more serious stuff.

Broga Hill is a famous spot for beginner hikers and people often go to Broga Hill to see sunrise which was BEAUTIFUL! We start our journey about 3.30AM and it took us about 1 hour to reach to our destination. In hiking wise, Broga Hill is a easy-first level for all hikers.
In term of route, it already have its own path but its a rocky situation.

Because its a famous place and many people been there, there's rope as a guideline and to help you up. So, basically, I can say that this is a great workout. The view is amazing. Although there's many people, unlike any other hiking spot but it worth every steps to get up there. 



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