"Treat your makeup life jewelry for the face. Play with colors, shapes, structure - it can transform you"  - Francois Nars

A perfect vanity is a vanity full of make up is every girls dream to have. Perfect wings, creaseless concealer, foundation that match your neck, powder to perfection, highlighter that will blind the haters but, as much as we would spend for make up, people starting to come up with beauty hacks that will blow your mind and to save your dollars!

Well, of course, some beauty hacks might work for you but not for me and vice versa. So, I have been wondering around the internet looking for some beauty hacks and tested it myself to see if its work and I have shortlist my beauty hack into 7 TRIED & TESTED BEAUTY HACKS.

Under Eye Baking | Baby Powder

Baking under eye using baby powder! Who ever invented this hack.. girl, you have save us so much money! To be honest, I did not have faith in baby powder to prevent my under eye concealer to crease but hey.. you got to do, what you go to do.
I find that baby powder is much fine texture that you can also use to powder your whole face (which I did). Although the white color is a bit intimidating but trust me, even with darker color skin tone, it just work perfectly! No more under eye crease, foundation sets all day long, and its REALLY INEXPENSIVE! All you need to do is pick up some product onto your brush and lightly sweep across your face and focusing more on the T-zone or just where it like a normal loose powder. You know the drill..

Makeup Remover | Baby Oil

Am I the only one who struggles to remove my mascara? At some point, I feel like I'm losing my lashes by pulling my mascara off but not anymore! Some makeup remover just doesn't seems to work and some just breaks me out. So, I have tried this hack using BABY OIL! and oh yes, you can use any other natural oil that you prefer. The one thing I see in baby products is, it just works on every skin type and the baby oil removes  all of my make up without leaving any residue. SCORE! What I do is use 3 drops of oil and gently rub in your lashes (work for full face makeup remover as well) to remove waterproof mascara and eyeliner (and other product) and BAMM! Instantly, everything is removed! I am so loving this hacks.

Eyeliner Tip

I found this hack on youtube and I tried on my own eyeliner. For average, my eyeliner would last from a month to a month and a half but now I can stretch my eyeliner usage up to 2 months! Why did I not know this sooner? Your eyeliner tip often broke/smudge/dry after several usage, the hack is to pull out the tip and turn it around and WALLAH, you'll have a 'new eye liner' that can last you for another 1 - 2 weeks.

Long Lash Mascara

I have to thank Reese Regan for this hacks. Everyone have their own way of wearing mascara but Reese is taking her mascara game to the next level. Reese apply her mascara by coating the tip of both lashes and before it dry, go over it again and coat from the roots. This will give you a much longer, fuller and curl lashes. Find out more at Reese Regan | Everyday Glam Makeup Look

Toner | Rose Water

Moving on to toner. I find it pretty hard to find the right toner for me. I often breakout really bad after applying it, I don't know if its just me or I'm allergic to ingredients in toner but little did I know how marvellous a rose water can be. Rose water is really cheap in Malaysia considering all Indian use this product for their prayers. Instead of using a facial cotton, I like to spray rose water onto my face, let it to dry and carry on with my normal skincare routine.

There is many benefits of rose water that you can google up those information but the fact that its so cheap but it gives you the feel of expensive product. Because its natural, no need to worry about breaking out, it really helps with soothes any irritation, shrink your acne and give a healthy dewy finish.

Primer and Setting Spray | Rose Water

Again with the rose water, I found out this trick from Sarah Therese. She sometimes start her make up routine by spraying rose water across her face and let it to dry before applying her makeup. I did try for myself and this is honestly the best hack among all. Priming your face with rose water makes your foundation to settle beautifully and use setting spray to make all your makeup product stay put for the rest of the day. I cant is if it does last for 24 hours but it does stay put for quite a long time. Plus, I'm an oily person and Malaysia is soooo hot. Imagine how I sweat and how my make up will look after few hours. Worry no more, rose water is coming to save the day!


Normally, people who have functions or getting married will be asked to rub a cube of ice across their face before MUA starts their magic job. By all mean, do not place ice cube directly onto your face without covering with a thin cloth or something. Just wrap it up so that you don't feel any painful sting or numbness during this treatment.
Ice is the most cheapest remedies you can find around the house. It work wonderful regardless your skin type. It shrink your pores, soothes any irritation, soothes acne and many more benefits, most important is that your make up just look perfectly amazing on your skin after this treatment.

love, Sofea


  1. I really want to try rose water! My best friend uses it and her skin is always glowing x

    1. You should try one. Don't worry about breaking out because it won't. Natural rose water is such a beautiful and amazing product. Best way is to pop it in the refrigerator and use it as toner, primer and makeup spray. You'll see the difference in your makeup and your skin. xx

  2. Love this post! So many good tips I want to try! I've never tried baby powder to set my under eye but might just have to now.

    Amina xx |

  3. Hi Amina, I'm looking forward for you to try and let me know how it goes. It get pretty scary at first but it really does the job at way cheaper price. xx

  4. I ve never tried any beauty hack could you believe it maybe because I'm not really a make up person I don't wear it unless I'm going OUT with people, other than that I stay away from it, but the baby powder trick I will be trying next! Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely day!
    Dominica from