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Hello everyone! Today post is about the famous korean product; Scinic Honey All-in-one Ampoule. Personally, I don’t really use korean product because I don’t feel like the product suits me but I did purchased this after reading a review about acne and scar clearing in short period of time.

For the past few weeks, it really is a struggle to tone down my acne due to bad product reaction. The previous product left my face with really oily skin, worst break out situation, redness, blemishes and irritation and I have no idea how to fix it until I found this.
An overview of this product, this is like a watery-honey-liquid-like product. It has tones of natural and combination of chemistry that is good for your skin and fasten the healing of your acne. Its a light weighted product and feels a bit tacky. Instead of me rambling about this product, I’ll put a link here for further information about this product.

Basically, how I bumped into this product is– so on twitter, we have few community like beauty tweet, makeup tweet etc etc. In my case, I followed @twt_kecantikan and there’s a curator who uses this product and recommend to the readers.
 But, instead of purchasing the huge package, the curator divided the product into little bottles that comes with the drop thingy. Pretty handy! It was pretty cheap in that way because a little goes a looong way.

How & When I use it: When it says AIO, it refers to a combination of all the goodness as a toner, serum, moisturizer. And for me, I used it as a primer. If I’m going out with make up, I would skip all my skincare routine and use only Scinic Honey on my face and BAMM! my makeup last for a good amount of time. Because it has the tacky feelings once its applied, my foundation stays, my eye shadow does not slides all over and it just amazing. Also, its treating the acne as well!
I have acne prone skin and after a month of using this product (not on daily basis), my skin starting to clearing up, my skin looks a lot more smoother and glowy and I notice that I don’t have this little bums and all, which I pretty loving this product!

If you could get your hand on this product, I highly recommend this product to try it out but by all means, I am not a product or a skin specialist. It just happen that this product work on me but might not work on you. So, make sure that you find out more about your acne before purchasing any products because acne can be cause by many different factors and mine happen to be with hot weather/dusty places/product reaction/food reaction. 
love, Pia.

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