MOVIE REVIEW #1 | Me Before You

"Astonishingly, not all girls get dressed just to pleased men."

"Don't think of me too often. I don't want to think of you getting all maudlin. Just live well. Just live. Love, Will"

"You only get one life & it's actually your duty to live it as fully as possibly" 

So, it happens on this lovely Sunday evening, I just watched the movie Me Before You and I can say its totally worth my time. This story is amazing, beautiful, pain, loved, sacrifice, sad, fashioned disaster, tears; well, I did shed a tears or two. It was heart breaking movie, this isn't any of the happy-ending-fairy tale like how we used to know. This is life and sometimes, life can be cruel,
selfish and it doesn't happen the way you wish for.
If you haven't get the time to watched this movie, I'll tell you a bit. This movie is about Will and Lou. Will had an accident and paralysed that his mother needed to hire someone to be with him all the time. Instead of just taking care and attends to Will's need , Lou starting to fall in love with him and she placed Will before her and tried all her best to make him happy and eventually, Will fall in love with her. It was a pretty moment.
Can we just take a moment and appreciate how beautiful Louisa Clark is. Although she have this fashion-disaster-taste but how could you not like a girl, who could be so happy to get a bumblebee tights. I know there's many other character who is beautiful but she just one of its kind. 
She's beautiful, witty, romantic and a good kisser as well. Her make up is stunning and she look good in her red dress with that red lip.  She loved Will so much that she would do anything for him. Well, of course, money isn't the issue, at all!!
In life, there's time when you have to put other people before you and you will do anything for them. You would loved them will all your heart just to make that person happy. I have faced that moment and I can say, you can only help so much because the more you care, the more easier it is for someone to break your heart. It hurt, it really really hurts. Shattered into pieces. But hey, you love him and he love you and you had to made some sacrifice and so does he. That's life, I guess and life must go on.
That's what Lou did and that is what everybody need to do. Love anybody, everybody, live your life, and buy your dream, create it in over way or another. Its totally worth it, oh, even the movie! Go and see, if you have seen it, see it again!


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